Handmade mouth blown Glasses

Hand-made, mouth-blown glass made by Riedel and Eisch

The overwhelming portions of drinking-glasses are made using machine work. These glasses can therefore be made in large quantities, which are then offered to the costumer at a relatively low price. The demand for hand-made, mouth-blown glasses is still unbroken, which require perfected craftsmanship and make every product unique. The lead crystal series Sommeliers made by the traditional manufacturer Riedel is one of the most successful glazier’s workshop in the world. Every glass is a custom-made item, the upper portion mouth-blown, stem and bottom hand-formed by methods of manufacturing which were developed around the birth of Christ. The glassmakers contribute extraordinary talents, abilities and care. To distinct between machine-crafted products and mouth-blown products, Riedel introduced their trademarked logo, characterized by the youth-style of the late nineteen hundreds, in celebration of their 240th jubilee in 1996, to distinct between the mo