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Small gifts maintain friendship

The online shop offers attractive presents and accessories to collect or to present. There are popular names like Hutschenreuther - limited pendants, Goebel - Angels, vases or lanterns, Hummel - Figurines, Thun Espresso cups al Volo and Villeroy & Boch - Flower Bells. Here you can find a great selection of perfect presents for birthdays, Easter or Christmas. Choose from a collection of different gift ideas: Cats od Minicats designed by Rosina Wachtmeister, funny table accessory from Adam & Ziege. Couples from Nina & Marco or Bumblebees. Not only presents, you can also find glasses, porcelain, stoneware or cutlery in the online shop of

Gifts for Mothers Day Gifts for Mothers Day As every year the traditional Mother's Day is celebrated since 1923. Surprise your mother on the special ... Spring - Easter Spring - Easter We collected a huge collection of fresh spring ideas of Hutschenreuther, Goebel and Villeroy & ... Christmas Christmas Winter Christmas porcelain gifts and accessories for collectors or to give as a present made by Hutschenreuther ... Gifts from the heart Gifts from the heart A small attention is always welcomed. It does not always have to be red roses! Give one of our whole-hearted ... Happy Kids Happy Kids There is nothing like starting young - the same at the table. Real joy the meals bring when the friends ... Oktoberfest Oktoberfest Oktoberfest has become a traditional highlight of the season . Every year more and more people vis ... Cup Collections Cup Collections Cups, Espresso Cups, Cappucino Cups or mugs are the parts of the Cup collections here in the onlin ... Porzellantreff Limited Collectors Edition Porzellantreff Limited Collectors Edition Porzellantreff is not just an ordinary on-line shop, it is a real brand too. Porzellantreff regularly ... Eisch Champagner Exklusiv Eisch Champagner Exklusiv Champagne glasses of the Exclusive collection by Eisch are made of light borosilicate glass. Champagne ... Eisch Planets Eisch Planets Table accessories from the Planets line by Eisch are very charming. Intriguing play of colours and ... Eisch Secco Flavoured Eisch Secco Flavoured Eisch  Secco Flavoured glassware collection is made of high-quality crystal glass. The 2 piec ... Goebel Nina & Marco Goebel Nina & Marco ' Mommy, when I'm a grownup I want to help children.' These words of her only son Marco were so to ... Goebel Nina & Marco - Meine besten Freunde Goebel Nina & Marco - Meine besten Freunde Together with their best friends experiences Nina & Marco by Goebel many exciting things. Whet ... Goebel Nina & Marco - Schutzengel Goebel Nina & Marco - Schutzengel The Guardian Angels of the Nina & Marco Collection by Goebel are those heavenly creatures whic ... Goebel Rosina Wachtmeister Goebel Rosina Wachtmeister 'The most important and the most beautiful in my life were my dreams. Sometimes they mix up with t ... Kahla Touch! Kahla Touch! Kahla Touch is the first porcelain with a velveteen surface decoration and promises a fascinating touch ... Nachtmann Sculpture Nachtmann Sculpture Nachtmann Sculpture Glass is a series made of lead crystal . The designer Ahmet Uslu imagined in designing ... Nachtmann Gläser Sphere Nachtmann Gläser Sphere Sphere is a glassware pattern designed by Roman Kvita . Round shapes prevail in this line made of crystal ... Robbe & Berking tableware Robbe & Berking tableware Robbe & Berking tableware lends your table a special note of elegance. This tableware and various ... Rosenthal Selection Belles Fleurs Rosenthal Selection Belles Fleurs Belles Fleurs by Rosenthal Selection adorns a mug collection of the finest bone china. Eight diffe ... Rosenthal Selection Geschenkserie - Bomboniere Rosenthal Selection Geschenkserie - Bomboniere The Rosenthal Bomboniere gift collection  offers a variety of accessories that are both practical ... Silver Collection by Rosenthal Selection Silver Collection by Rosenthal Selection The Silver Collection presents a set of stylish picture frames in silver color . Rosenthal offers photo ... Rosenthal Selection Watch Collection Rosenthal Selection Watch Collection The brand Rosenthal is widely known for the top-quality crockery and porcelain accessories. The watch ... Rosenthal Studio-Line Blown Rosenthal Studio-Line Blown The design of the "Blown" Vases by Rosenthal Studio-Line was created by the French designer C&eacu ... Rosenthal Studio-Line Do not litter Rosenthal Studio-Line Do not litter Fanc y table accessories ' Do not litter' by Rosenthal Studio-Line are vases rethought in a modern ... Rosenthal Studio-Line Falda Rosenthal Studio-Line Falda Falda Vases from the Rosenthal Studio-Line collection are a real eye-catcher. This biscuit-like porcelain ... Rosenthal Studio-Line Fondale Rosenthal Studio-Line Fondale The vase Fondale is a design object from the house Rosenthal. The Scottish-Swedish designer duo office ... Rosenthal Studio-Line Geode Rosenthal Studio-Line Geode The French designer Cédric Ragot is creating once again together with Rosenthal. Within the ... Rosenthal Studio-Line Homage Philip Rosenthal / MemoryOneHundred Rosenthal Studio-Line Homage Philip Rosenthal / MemoryOneHundred On the occasion of  Philip Rosenthal's 100th anniversary the company Rosenthal announced a product ... Rosenthal Studio-line Miniaturvasen Rosenthal Studio-line Miniaturvasen The most popular vases from the Rosenthal studio-line collection are now available in a miniature edition! ... Rosenthal Studio-Line Mug Collection XXL Rosenthal Studio-Line Mug Collection XXL Unique design of the Rosenthal Studio-Line Mug Collection XXL impresses at first glance. Extra-large ... Rosenthal Studio-Line Ode - Floral Ornaments Rosenthal Studio-Line Ode - Floral Ornaments The Ode vase series was developed in collaboration with Rosenthal and design star Sebastian Herkner ... Rosenthal Studio-Line Squall Rosenthal Studio-Line Squall Squall vases remind of turbulent whirlpools or of hurricanes. The asymmetric shape of these magnificent ... Rosenthal Studio-Line Structura Vases Rosenthal Studio-Line Structura Vases The bulbous or oval Rosenthal Studio-line Structura vases are emphasized by a pronounced rib structure. Rosenthal Studio-Line Surface Rosenthal Studio-Line Surface The remarkable table accessories of the gift line Surface by Rosenthal Studio-Line impress you thr ... Rosenthal Studio-Line Bag Vases Rosenthal Studio-Line Bag Vases The classic collection of Bag vases by Rosenthal fascinates with its peculiar look. The vases designed ... Rosenthal Studio-Line Vibrations Rosenthal Studio-Line Vibrations With or without flowers - Vibrations  Vases are real eye catchers. The gift & accessories ... Rosenthal Versace Break the Bank Rosenthal Versace Break the Bank Saving money in style: browse through the money boxes of the Break the bank line by Rosenthal meets ... Rosenthal Versace Medusa Madness Rosenthal Versace Medusa Madness The gold head of Medusa adorns vases of Medusa Madness collection. The accessories range of the Rosenthal ... Rosenthal Versace Picture Frames Rosenthal Versace Picture Frames Rosenthal meets Versace offers picture frames for your favorite photos. These stylish frames in go ... Sambonet Living and Table Accessories Sambonet Living and Table Accessories Sambonet is one of the leading manufacturers in the area of table and living accessories. Sambonet ... Villeroy & Boch Amazonia Gifts Villeroy & Boch Amazonia Gifts Gift & Accessories collection Amazonia Gifts is a perfect addition to the Villeroy & Boch ... Villeroy & Boch Vasen Nek - Numa - Tiko Villeroy & Boch Vasen Nek - Numa - Tiko For its new collection of vases the designers of  Villeroy and Boch have created various inte ...