Friesland Porcelain

Friesland porcelain is as typical as the people and the land.

Clear and fresh in design Friesland porcelain tableware ispires through its natural appeal and with its very own touch. Discover your own little piece of Friesland - discover your Friesland porcelain! Complete your Friesland porcelain with matching cutlery, glasses or table linen!

Friesland Atlantis Friesisch Blau Friesland Atlantis Friesisch Blau Friesland Atlantis Frisian Blue brings Nordic culture to your table. The blue and soft décor ... Friesland Chai White Friesland Chai White Chai originates from the Chinese language. The Chinese tea culture is over 2000 years old and the o ... Friesland Ecco white Friesland Ecco white Designed by two professional designers Pr. Ulrike and Pr. Detlef Rahe this pattern reflects their unanimous ... Friesland Jeverland Light Breeze Friesland Jeverland Light Breeze The Friesland Jeverland crockery is so clear and fresh like the country and people in the north. T ... Friesland Jeverland Beach Bloom Friesland Jeverland Beach Bloom Just like a beautiful day in northern germany, that's how the Friesland Jeverland beach-bloom is Th ... Friesland Jeverland Beach Line Porcelain Friesland Jeverland Beach Line Porcelain Endless distances and blue sky, that is frisia. Here, life has it's own, unique qualitys That's wh ... Friesland Jeverland white Friesland Jeverland white Experience the holiday feeling with the Friesland Jeverland white . The high-quality crockery conv ... Friesland Coffee Pots and Filters Friesland Coffee Pots and Filters Freshly brewed coffee is a special treat for coffee admirers. Classic coffee pots have been manufactured ... Friesland La Belle Friesland La Belle The extensive range of the porcelain collection La Belle by Friesland comprises all items you need ... Friesland Life Clematis Friesland Life Clematis Clematis - the popular climbing plant from the domestic garden - from now on decorates the popular ... Friesland Life white Friesland Life white Clear and fresh in its design the White porcelain Friesland Life white inspires due to its natural character ... Friesland Life-Revival white Friesland Life-Revival white The manufacturer created a dishes with the Friesland Life Revival white porcelain hich is inimitable ...