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Le Creuset A roasting-dish is a flat, squared, round or oval pot with two handles in which you can cook pork- or goose-roast in an oven. Most common are cast-iron roasting-dishes. Cast-iron is one of the oldest materials for pots, pans and roasting-dishes. A group of ferrous alloy with a high amount of carbon (> 2 %) and silicon (> 2 %) together with additional components such as manganese, chromium and nickel is known as cast-iron. Thanks to the special roasting-behavior, a very tasty flavor develops in cast-iron pots and roasting-dishes. All Le Creuset roasting-dishes supply following preferences: - Ideal for roasting and cooking - Perfect for searing - Suited for all types of stoves, including induction-stoves - Heavy-duty enameling on the in- and outside - Easy to clean, suited for dish-washer use - Keeps the food warm - Suited for serving - Heat-proved lid-knob (heat resistant up to 190°C) - Useable in oven and grill The cooking-professional Le Creuset offers a vast assortment to you, which includes classic roasting-dishes as well as various special-roasting-dishes. We want you to show some of the differences and features hereafter. 1 Classical roasting-dish Thanks to the steady heat-distribution even up to the edge and the lid, the Le Creuset roasting-dishes are suited for cooking and stewing. There is the classical roasting-dish in a round-shaped design, ideal for meat- and vegetable-dishes, for example beef rolls or Blanquette, or the oval form which is better suited for roasting poultry. 2 Gourmet roasting-dish The gourmet roasting-dish differs from the classic form in a lower rim. It is best suited for preparing Risotto 3 Special roasting-dish La Marmite The La Marmite is the family-pot without rough edges. It comes with a curved inside, which makes for especially easy stirring in this roasting-dish. La Marmite is ideal for stew and meat-dishes. 4 Gourmet professional-pot The Gourmet professional-pot is a real all-round-talent beneath the Le Creuset roasting-dishes. Even useable as a pan, it is ideal for dishes which need to be roasted first and scalloped in an oven afterwards. 5 Doufeu roasting-dish The special-roasting-dish “Doufeu” is a classic. It comes with a condensation-lid ideal for preparing tender, juicy pot roast. The inside of the lid is equipped with knobs which allow the steam to condensate and drip on the meal. In this way, the food cooks in its own juice. 6 Casserole dish The Le Creuset casserole dish comes with a lid which has a special-designed ventilation-system protecting against boiling up. A double-sided pouring-edge enables drip-free outpour. The phenol-grip stays touchable even when the casserole is hot. 7 Marmitout Bräter The Marmitout joins two essential cooking-items from the fine cuisine into one product: a saucepan and a pan, which at the same time acts also as a lid. 8 heart-shaped-roasting-dish The cherry-red roasting-dish shaped as a heart adds a special meaning to your meal, for example at a romantic candlelight-dinner for two persons

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