Feast-fully tiled table – what is the perfect seating order?

We will show you the generally used, formal placement-recommendations for a feast-fully tiled table, which control the menu-course and give you the safety that you have done everything right. But this is no dogma – perfect is as you want it to be. 1. Placement of porcelain [BILD] – placement of dining-plate together with the bread-plate The dining-plate is put first on the table and forms the center of the place setting. An under-plate can be set up for a stylish table-composition, on which you can place the dining plate Remember to align the opposing place setting. Bread-plates are set up to the left of the dining plate and form a horizontal axis with the center of the two bigger plates, or the lower plate-edge forms a line with the grip-end of the cutlery. 2. Placement of cutlery [BILD] – cutlery-placement with multi-course menus What looks complicated follows a simple rule. During multi-course menus the cutlery-pieces are arranged in the order of usage, from the outside to the inside. Spoons are placed to the outer right, after them the Fish-cutler and the table-cutlery. The Dessert-cutlery, also used for cheese and fruit, is placed in an opposed position above the seating-plate. If a baguette with butter is served, place a butter-knife on the right half of the bread-plate, the cutting edge facing to the left. Please be advised to attend to precision while placing the cutlery. All grip-ends of the table-cutlery form a straight line and the butter-knife is also aligned parallel to the cutlery-pieces. 3. Placement of Glasses Glasses lengthsways glasses in triangular form For our order of courses with entrée, fish and meat-course we need one glass of water, red-wine and white-wine. The white-wine glass is positioned above the knife point, the red-wine glass and the water-glass are positioned diagonal above the white-wine glass. You can substitute this diagonal position with a triangular positioning, in which the red-wine and water glass are positioned above the white-wine glass and form a triangular shape.

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