Cutlery Care to clean and maintain your beautiful cutlery

Cutlery care – absolute enjoyment of your Cutlery

The best care for cutlery – let that be made out of stainless steel, silvered or Sterling silver cutlery – is the daily usage. Cutlery care is nowadays hassle-free, because every Cutlery from our suppliers are all dishwasher proof. This means that all cutlery sets show no changes in look, shape or usability. If used correctly, the description “dishwasher proof according to RAL RG-604” guarantees customer prolonging enjoyment with his Cutlery.

These following points should nevertheless be taken into account when cleaning the Cutlery with the dishwasher:

• It is recommended to always rinse used cutlery directly after use. Some leftovers like salt or acid attack the material and cause stains, especially on silver cutlery.

• Cutlery is always to be sorted with the grip pointing towards the bottom of the dishwasher; this is to let the dirty parts of the used cutlery be cleaned by the whole water stream.

• Do not sort cutlery