Cups and Mugs with handle in different sizes & colors


The online shop offers cheap cups from a large assortment. Different manufacturers with their distinctive shapes, colors and patterns have cups for every occasion. Whether classic or modern designed, you will find cups that will please you. Browse through our range of cups. It is worth.

Under porcelain you will find for your cups the other service parts, as well as the possibility of a service composition!

Caffé Latte cups Caffé Latte cups Enjoy every moment of your wonderful life! Bring some Italian lifestyle to your home or office wit ... Café au Lait cups Café au Lait cups Café au Lait is the French name for Coffee with hot milk where each the half of it is coffee and ... Cappuccino cups Cappuccino cups Proper cappuccino or coffee with milk requires some special cups. It is better to use ceramic or porcelain ... Espresso cups Espresso cups Espresso or Mocca or Cortado is cooked at 92°C and is sipped as hot as possible. Ideal for such ... Breakfast cups Breakfast cups As soon the milk joins the coffee and the portions get bigger the cup needs to have more volume. For ... Jumbo cups Jumbo cups The gigantic Jumbo cups offer up to 0.5l volume for every kind of hot drinks like coffee, tea or chocolate. Coffee cups Coffee cups As unusual as the collection of coffee types as unusual is our collection of cups. The variety of ... Combi cups Combi cups You want to enjoy your coffee in a versatile way? Then you are in good hands at our cheap Combi cups. Latte Macchiato cups Latte Macchiato cups Latte Macchiato is a hot drink made of milk and Espresso. It's made of beans which get roasted longe ... Milky coffee cups Milky coffee cups Milky coffee is a coffee with a big part of milk or frothed milk. in Austria and in the Netherlands ... Mocha cups Mocha cups Mocha is generally known as a type of coffee preparation. He is often associated with the espresso ... Upper cups Upper cups Versatile as coffee or tea can be, so versatile are also our cheap Upper cups. No matter what type ... Soup cups Soup cups An elegant alternative to conventional soup bowls are our cheap Soup cups. Surprise your family or ... Tea cups Tea cups No other drink gives that peace and power as a tea does. Tea not only heats you up on cold winter days, ...