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Nourish your soul and select from the great collection of Coffee cups, Espresso cups, tea cups, Caffee Latte cups or Latte Macchiato cups your favorite one. Many designs and decors leave no whishes unfulfilled. The matching accessories of Coffeepots, teapots, teapot warmers, Sugar cans, milk jugs, thermos jugs or water kettles will make your selection of the collection coffee & tea perfect.

In the categories Porcelain and Ceramics you can put together your own selection of a complete coffee set or tea set for each decor!

Coffee Collections Coffee Collections Take a look at various collections of coffee sets from our renowned manufacturers! In our extensive ... Tea Collections Tea Collections At one glance you can now discover various collections from our renowned manufacturers. Browse th ... Coffee Service Coffee Service A coffee service, also called coffee set, is traditionally made of at least one coffee cup, coffee saucer ... Tea Sets Tea Sets In our collection Tea & co you'l find highest quality and everything for the preparation and the ... Coffee Cups Coffee Cups As unusual as the collection of coffee types as unusual is our collection of cups. The variety of ... Teacups Teacups No other drink gives that peace and power as a tea does. Tea not only heats you up on cold winter days, ... Tea mugs Tea mugs When it's getting cold oustide a hot tea get's a real pleasure. to drink a tea and to enjoy it - W ... Caffè Latte cups Caffè Latte cups Enjoy every moment of your wonderful life! Bring some Italian lifestyle to your home or office wit ... Café au Lait Cups Café au Lait Cups Café au Lait is the French name for Coffee with hot milk where each the half of it is coffee and ... Cappuccino cups Cappuccino cups Proper cappuccino or coffee with milk requires some special cups. It is better to use ceramic or porcelain ... Milky coffee cups Milky coffee cups Milky coffee is a coffee with a big part of milk or frothed milk. in Austria and in the Netherlands ... Breakfast Cups Breakfast Cups As soon the milk joins the coffee and the portions get bigger the cup needs to have more volume. For ... Jumbo Cups Jumbo Cups The gigantic Jumbo cups offer up to 0.5l volume for every kind of hot drinks like coffee, tea or chocolate. Espresso Cups Espresso Cups Espresso or Mocca or Cortado is cooked at 92°C and is sipped as hot as possible. Ideal for such ... Latte Macchiato porcelain cups Latte Macchiato porcelain cups Traditionally this type of coffee drink is served in a long glass. But in the meantime, a lot of t ... Latte Macchiato cups Latte Macchiato cups Latte Macchiato is a hot drink made of milk and Espresso. It's made of beans which get roasted longe ... Mugs with handles Mugs with handles Mugs are real universal talents which fit for every way of preparing Coffee - exept small portions like ... Ceramic Tea Sets Ceramic Tea Sets PurKeramik - Every piece unique. Here you can find a selection of handcrafted household-ceramics regarding ... Purkeramik Ceramic Cups Purkeramik Ceramic Cups Behind the name PurKeramik there is handmade Ceramics for everyday use. Suzanne Buehlers ceramic designs ... Coffee Pots Coffee Pots To enjoy a relaxed coffee - who couldn't like that? The preparation of coffee and tea is very diff ... Teapots Teapots When it's getting cold oustide a hot tea get's a real pleasure. When you are a connaisseur or simp ... Espresso pots Espresso pots Espresso is not only a stronger variant of filter coffee, but is also considered to be less harmfu ... Tea strainers Tea strainers Less then 400 years ago, the tea came to Europe. What was estimated at the Asian primitive people ... Warmers Warmers Warmer is an appropriate alternative to a thermos flask. Both items are used to keep tea, coffee or ... Coffee Spoons & Tea Spoons Coffee Spoons & Tea Spoons The small spoon for the stirring of sugar or milk in a hot drink is called coffee spoon or tea spoon. Coffee Cans Coffee Cans If you want your coffee to keep its amazing aroma, you should be keeping it safe in a closed ... Tea caddies Tea caddies Retain the aroma of your favorite tea with a practical tea caddy. In this category you receive tea ... Capsules & Pad Holders Capsules & Pad Holders In the almost infinite range of different coffees, teas and cocoas for Capsule and Pad Systems you ... Sugar tongs Sugar tongs If you want to have a traditional tea you will need sugar tongs or rock sugar tongs. With these tongs ... Sugar Boxes Sugar Boxes A sugar box contains lump sugar or castor sugar for the sweetening of tea or coffee. In this catal ... Milk jugs Milk jugs For coffee and tea drinkers a milk jug is an essential part of the set which must not miss on ever ... Cream spoons Cream spoons The eastern-frisian tea culture needs a traditionally bown cream spoon for the cream-topping of the ... Thermos flasks Thermos flasks A thermos flask keeps your drinks hot or cold, but above all - fresh. Thanks to the isolated surface, ... Kettle Kettle A great number of water kettles' and whistling kettles' design is based on historical models, but made ...