Thomas Sunny Day Gratin Porcelain

Simple in white or in bright colors from the Sunny Day color family - that are the gratin dishes from the Thomas Sunny Day Gratin Porcelain series. This makes them the perfect complement to your existing Sunny Day tableware. But even for beginners are the round or square gratin dishes ideal. Gratinated delicacies will always succeed.

Due to the colorful but discreet design you can serve your gratin directly in the dish on the table. If there is still anything left place the remains directly in the gratin dish in your refrigerator. On the next day you can easily warm your food in the microwave.

A delicious cake can be prepared wonderfully in the gratin dishes, because the all-rounder of Thomas can also be used as a baking dish.

More time for friends

Conjure with the functional gratin dishes by Thomas Sunny Day not only delicious gratins for your loved ones on the table; you will save even more time. Because all parts can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Subsequently, the stackable dishes can be placed together in the closet. And you're ready to turn back to your friends.


The gratin dishes by Thomas Sunny Day are not only nice to look at, on top they are functionally too. Because the flat shapes can be used as a tart dish, plate and lid or as coasters for hot gratin dishes.

In addition, the higher forms are ideal for preparing your salad.