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Tea Collections

At one glance you can now discover various collections from our renowned manufacturers.

Browse through magnificent tea tableware collections of Asian, minimalistic or classic design with floral patterns.

At Porzellantreff.de you will find everything you need for your lovely tea time - glass tea cups, tea cups & mugs, teapots and many more and at favourable prices.

Arzberg Teaworld Tunis Arzberg Teaworld Tunis Tea is the most drank drink on the world. The most important instrument for the preparation is the tea ... Friesland Chai White Friesland Chai White Chai originates from the Chinese language. The Chinese tea culture is over 2000 years old and the o ... Jenaer glassware Tea collection Jenaer glassware Tea collection The glassware collection Tea by Jenaer Glass is a true must-have for tea lovers. Glass teapots and ... Königlich Tettau Worpswede 04164 Rügen Königlich Tettau Worpswede 04164 Rügen A maritime look of Königlich Tettau Worpswede Rügen Tableware captivates you at first si ... Rosenthal Studio-Line Cha Porcelain Rosenthal Studio-Line Cha Porcelain Inspired by the oldest tea shop in Japan the Italian designer, Frederica Capitani, designed the mi ... Rosenthal Studio-Line Wan Porcelain Rosenthal Studio-Line Wan Porcelain This new tea set by Rosenthal Studio-Line guarantees genuine tea pleasure in a relaxed atmosphere. Rosenthal Versace La Medusa - Baroque Punk Rosenthal Versace La Medusa - Baroque Punk New Tea sets Baroque Punk from Rosenthal meets Versace are presented as a limited collection. Their ... Villeroy & Boch Artesano Hot Beverages Glasses Villeroy & Boch Artesano Hot Beverages Glasses For all coffee and tea connoisseurs, Villeroy & Boch has brought the series Artesano Hot Bever ... Villeroy & Boch Rose Cottage Tableware Villeroy & Boch Rose Cottage Tableware The Rose Cottage porcelain by Villeroy and Boch features a romantic rose pattern in a country house ... Wedgwood Daisy Tea Story Wedgwood Daisy Tea Story Daisy Tea Story by Wedgwood impresses you by the romantic pattern on the high-quality porcelain ( bone ... Wedgwood Harlequin Collection Cuckoo Wedgwood Harlequin Collection Cuckoo The new collection of tea sets from Wedgwood is notable for its distinctive feature: a cheeky cuck ...