Seltmann Weiden No Limits - limitless combinable porcelain

Seltmann Weiden No Limits

No Limits - that is the motto of the new series from Seltmann Weiden, because the combination and usage possibilities offered by the new collection are numerous. Whether for special evening together, for large family celebrations, the fine table inside or a relaxing barbecue outdoors - the high quality and also robust porcelain, which is available in round and square shape, is suitable for all occasions.

The service parts of the Seltmann Weiden series are not only microwaveable and dishwasher-safe but also on top of that also ovenproof. Thus, the bowls can be used as a casserole dish. These can be directly used for serving at the table. The creative minds from Seltmann Weiden have thought of everything so that you can express your creativity.

Seltmann Weiden No Limits - White Seltmann Weiden No Limits - White The white robust porcelain of the new series No Limits from Seltmann Weiden fits on any table and ... Seltmann Weiden No Limits - Organic White Seltmann Weiden No Limits - Organic White Organic White completes the popular Seltmann Weiden No Limits collection with a new form. The tableware ...

Seltmann Weiden No Limits

Learn in this video in an entertaining way everything about the versatile collection No Limits of the manufacturer Seltmann Weiden. As the name suggests, there are no limits with this crockery. Here we show you what the suitable for everyday use porcelain can do.

No Limits - the name says it all

Leave a positive impression on your guests not only your cooking skills. Now you can also score with your decorating talents. Combine the individual decors from No Limits easily with each other. The tropical fruits of Tropical fit well with for example, the decor Colors. Even the patterns from Blue Motion and Fine Line can be combined with each other. The bright white of the Uni decors brings refreshing mood and matches to any decor in this series.

You can also use the service parts not only for the covering of your table. Clever little details were implemented by Seltmann Weiden in this series. For example, the bowls can also be used as casserole dishes and the lid of the sugar bowl is quick and easy converted simply if necessary to a coaster. Your creativity knows no limits in the application and combination of these items.

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