Screwpull 'Activ-ball' Cork Screw Activ Ball Gs 300 black metal

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Manufacturer: Le Creuset
Article ID: 59082026009261
Notes: black metal
Quality: 1st Choice

Product description of Screwpull 'Activ-ball' Cork Screw Activ Ball Gs 300 black metal

The valuable packing promises what the content makes true twice. Stand-model TM-300 and transparent capsule cutter complete each other and become an optical and functionally unbeatable team. Here the capsule cutter with the ergonomically designed, soft surface serves as a practical stand.

Delivered in an attractive Acrylic package.

1. Remove foil from the bottleneck (perfect tool is the capsule leverer of Screwpull).

2. Put the corkscrew onto the bottle that way that the inner shoulders come to rest on the rim of the bottleneck.
3. Hold the corkscrew on the bottleneck tightly and start to screw clockwise with easy pressure until the tip of the spiral has intruded the cork.
4. Now turn on clockwise without pressure. The cork will rise out of the bottle along the spiral slowly. No pulling necessary.
5. When the cork has left the bottleneck, just take away the corkscrew. Hold it tightly and turn the handle anti-clockwise. The patented 'Double-Helix' pushes the cork off the spiral.

& By the way: Screwpull gives 5 years of warranty to this product for manufacturing or material failures of from the moment of purchase on. This isn't valid for wear or damages which are caused by wrong usage. The spiral is excluded from this warranty.

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