Sambonet, 'Skin - Edelstahl 18/10' Cutlery 30-piece set monobloc / in one piece

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Manufacturer: Sambonet
Article ID: 52535-N1
Notes: monobloc / in one piece
Quality: 1st Choice
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Product description of Sambonet, 'Skin - Edelstahl 18/10' Cutlery 30-piece set monobloc / in one piece

Fascinating handles are decorated with irregular squares, which create an unusual finish. On handles alternate low-relief with high-relief and provide you with a sensational feeling of movement.

Material:Stainless steel 18/10

Consists of:

  • 6x Dinner forks
  • 6x Dinner knives in one piece
  • 6x Dinner spoons
  • 6x Coffee spoons
  • 6x Cake forks

The monoblock or in one piece knife is made of temperable chrome steel piece imparted by forging and rolling. The knife blade, thus can not be molded as thin, as such with a hollow handle, where the blade and handle are manufactured separately. Since this technique is less expensive, if compared with a technique used in hollow handle knife production, monobloc knives are usually less expensive.

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