Sambonet 'Bamboo' Cutlery 24-piece set

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Manufacturer: Sambonet
Article ID: 52519-81
Notes: 24-piece set
Quality: 1st Choice
Quality Note

Product description of Sambonet 'Bamboo' Cutlery 24-piece set

Cutlery set Bamboo is made of stainless steel with mirror polish. The stylish outlines were inspired by Far Eastern design. The 24-piece cutlery set consists of:

  • 6x Dinner forks
  • 6x Dinner knives monobloc / in one piece
  • 6x Dinner spoons
  • 6x Coffee spoons

The monobloc knives are just knives which were made of one piece metal. Hardened steel is used for this knife type production.

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