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Rosenthal Selection - porcelain of a classic design

The tableware from Rosenthal Porzellan Ltd. belongs to the classical manufacture style of dinnerware. Rosenthal Selection is also known as Rosenthal Classic or Rosenthal Tradition. Perfectly shaped porcelain, glass or crystal collections stand behind this brand.

All products are characterized by a high level of workmanship and by a timeless design. Right from the very first days of its establishment the company focused on achieving a state-of-the-art style for all its product lines. Today glasses, tableware sets and accessories from Rosenthal Selection continue to sustain this pleasant home atmosphere image. This brand stands for perfect, timeless and beautiful collections.

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Rosenthal Classic Tradition Selection Discontinued Lines Rosenthal Classic Tradition Selection Discontinued Lines Even some lines of the innovative porcelain manufacturer Rosenthal sooner or later become old-fash ... Rosenthal Selection Aida Yule Rosenthal Selection Aida Yule Rosenthal enriches the holiday season with the new Aida Yule collection. The set demonstrates the simplicity ... Rosenthal Selection Belles Fleurs Rosenthal Selection Belles Fleurs Belles Fleurs by Rosenthal Selection adorns a mug collection of the finest bone china. Eight diffe ... Rosenthal Selection Blend Rosenthal Selection Blend Blend from Rosenthal concentrates on the essentials and offers useful dinnerware for everyday ... Rosenthal Selection Gift Collection - Bomboniere Rosenthal Selection Gift Collection - Bomboniere The Rosenthal Bomboniere gift collection  offers a variety of accessories that are both practical ... Rosenthal Selection Brillance Rosenthal Selection Brillance Inspired by the currently very popular material Bone China has Rosenthal designed the series Brillance ... Rosenthal Selection Angels Rosenthal Selection Angels (1) Charming Angels by Rosenthal Selection are a heavenly pleasure and not only for the Christmas season. Rosenthal Classic Estelle Rosenthal Classic Estelle The Rosenthal Estelle glass series was designed by the probably most renowned glass designer in Germany, ... Rosenthal Selection Francis Rosenthal Selection Francis The Francis  collection from Rosenthal Selection brings modern elegance to your table. The co ... Rosenthal Selection Jade Rosenthal Selection Jade The dinnerware collection Jade made of the finest bone china features an irresistible charm. The modern ... Rosenthal Selection Junto Rosenthal Selection Junto The new collection Junto from Rosenthal offers trendy porcelain ware in combination with ceramic and ... Rosenthal Classic Maria Rosenthal Classic Maria Times changes but the values remain. Maria - since 1916 this name stands for the most famous and the ... Rosenthal Selection Mesh Rosenthal Selection Mesh Lively Rosenthal Selection Mesh tableware collection combines round and angular plates. The in-house ... Rosenthal Tradition Nendoo white Rosenthal Tradition Nendoo white The series Nendoo is characterized by an individual groove structure. The different heights and widths ... Rosenthal Selection Papes Salt Oyster Rosenthal Selection Papes Salt Oyster Design of Salt Oyster collection by Rosenthal Selection belongs to Alexandro Pape, the chef d ... Rosenthal Selection Rabbits Rosenthal Selection Rabbits Rosenthal Selection Rabbits collection offers cute porcelain rabbits figurines for hanging and pla ... Rosenthal Selection Roof Rosenthal Selection Roof Following the example of the Elbphilharmonie  - Elbe Philharmonic Hall -  in Hamburg, Rosenthal ... Rosenthal Tradition Sanssouci Rosenthal Tradition Sanssouci Rosenthal Tradition Sanssouci brings you back at the time of the Rococo with its playful shape. The ... Rosenthal Selection Silver Collection Rosenthal Selection Silver Collection The Silver Collection presents a set of stylish picture frames in silver color . Rosenthal offers photo ... Rosenthal Selection Sixth Sense Rosenthal Selection Sixth Sense Enjoy with six senses: Discover the innovative Gourmet Cloche 'Sixth Sense'  from Rosenthal. The ... Rosenthal Selection Solitaire porcelain balls Rosenthal Selection Solitaire porcelain balls Porcelain balls with crystalline structure are the most important decorative items within the Rosenthal ... Rosenthal Selection Watch Collection Rosenthal Selection Watch Collection The brand Rosenthal is widely known for the top-quality crockery and porcelain accessories. The watch ... Rosenthal Tradition Yono Novo Rosenthal Tradition Yono Novo Yono Novo white made by Rosenthal Tradition is a modern service. The concept is based on well thought ...

A company with old traditions

Rosenthal stands for quality provided in an aesthetic and elegant form. Founded in 1879, this family company works as an independent manufacturer of the Sambonet Paderno corporation. The location of the company's headquarters has not changed, they are still in a small town in the German region Oberfranken which is known for its value of traditions. Rosenthal Porzellan is not only the leader of the German market of manufacturing high-quality tableware sets, but it is also famous worldwide as one of the top porcelain manufacturers.

Elegant forms from traditional up to modern

Rosenthal Selection tableware sets are marked by straightforward elegance and simple forms. Each model has a unique design. From traditional to modern, seasonable or playful - these elegant tableware or tea sets are of a high and demanding aesthetic value. Rosenthal Tradition has enriched its collections with top-grade glass sets, decanters, water and wine goblets or champagne flutes. Porcelain figurines, vases, candleholders and other table accessories make the Rosenthal Tradition product list complete.


Rosenthal Selection for collecting or for making a great gift

Rosenthal Selection stands for high-quality tableware and accessories created with full love and care. Rosenthal Selection products are popular сollecting objects and remain valuable for a long time. Every year specially ornamented Christmas plates or figurines of small guardian angels (lucky charms) are appreciated by collectors. Especially Rosenthal Engels, made of noble white porcelain, are popular among admirers and collectors. The gift collection offers charming accessories for your beloved ones, especially for people who prefer durable and traditional Rosenthal products.