Riedel Glasses 'Sommeliers' Tinto Reserva 24.8 cm

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Manufacturer: Riedel
Article ID: 4400/31
Notes: 24.8 cm
Capacity: 620 ccm
Height: 24,8 cm
Quality: 1st Choice
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Product description of Riedel Glasses 'Sommeliers' Tinto Reserva 24.8 cm

For the most popular grape of the Iberian Peninsula - the great Tempranillo - now the best glass has been developed.

Riedel did not only dedicate one glass to Tempranillo, it dedicated even two. In the intense tasting between 1997 and 1998 it became more and more obvious that the Tempranillo-grape is very demanding for the glass manufacturers.

The younger, fruity, lighter wines are less rich in content. Whereas the more Tannin-focused and Barrique matured wines like the big ones within the Gran Reservas from Ribera or Rioja present differently. Spanish sommeliers like Pablo Alvares (Vega Sicilia), Alejandro Fernández (Pesquera) and Carlos Falcó, (Marqués de Griñon), were really impressed by the harmony of wine and glass-design. For the Gran Reservas a big glass was desired, which harmonizes the tastes of the bouquet of the Oak-barrel matured premium wines.

For the young, fruity, lighter Tempranillo a smaller glass is the perfect solution.

The last, deciding run brought the split decision of the tasters. Among others Michel Rolland, Premium wine-grower from the Bordeaux-region preferred the double-solution for the perfect support of the different types.

That's why Riedel offers a glass for young, fruity, light Tempranillos - machine-blown in the Vinum-series and in the series Sommeliers the ideal glass with the name Tinto Reserva for the volumed wines from this grape

recommended for: Crianza. Gran Reserva, Ribera des Duero, Rioja, Rinto Reserva, Tempranillo

article number: 4400/31
Height: 248 mm
content: 620 ccm

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