Riedel Glasses 'Sommeliers' Single Malt Whisky 11.5 cm

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Manufacturer: Riedel
Article ID: 4400/80
Notes: 11.5 cm
Capacity: 200 ccm
Height: 11,5 cm
Quality: 1st Choice
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Product description of Riedel Glasses 'Sommeliers' Single Malt Whisky 11.5 cm

The invitation came from the Campbel Destillers from the Scottish Highlands for to devellop a glass for their products Edradour and Aberlour. Single Malt is a dink with individuality, manufactured in long-year tradition and matured in oak-barrels with different origin.

Highland-, Lowland-, Islay- or Irish-Malt-Whisky are made of 100% barley which determines the personality of the Whiskey sustainably. Although being very different in taste the Riedel-Single-Malt-Whiskey-glass is perfect for the displaying of the barley-character.

Usually there are mainly tumblers which are not able to represent the different nuances of the Single Malt. The Scots believe that the addition of a sip of water supports the aroma and brings out the soft and round tastes. The aim was therefore defined: Riedel's Single-Malt-glass had to bring this effect without diluting the concentration. Furthermore it was necessary to stress the origin of the Scottish classic to not mix it up with Cognac.

It's common that a tight, high design minors the sharpness of the alcohol. For the fine-tuning many different prototypes were manufactured which all differed in diameter and height. The lipped rim is well-known for supporting the fruit and for disarming the sharpness of the alcohol. The final fine-tuning was located in the Highlands at Aberlour's under supervision of distillers and personalities of the management.

From many designs one single design was nominated to be the ideal. It supports the sweetness and the crumbly-creamy taste of the single-malt. Only the finish shows the new way of the power of the alcohol.

Recommended for: Single Malt Whisky, Whisky.

Article number: 4400/80
Height: 115 mm
content: 200 ccm

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