Riedel Glasses 'Sommeliers' Riesling Grand Cru 22.6 cm

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Manufacturer: Riedel
Article ID: 4400/15
Notes: 22.6 cm
Capacity: 380 ccm
Height: 22,6 cm
Quality: 1st Choice
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Product description of Riedel Glasses 'Sommeliers' Riesling Grand Cru 22.6 cm

Stuart Pigott, english wine journalist with a preference for Riesling made his dream come true. The best of the best Riesling wines from the year 1990 (exclusively late vintage) were selected with care and collected for a tour.

Because the white grape Chardonnay dominates the taste due to the recent plantation the Riesling was to proves its qualities for journalists in Paris, London and New York. That needed an appropriate glass.

Riedel sent propositions from the existing series and the choice was a wine glass which was developed for Sangiovese (Chianti). Pigott and his wine-growers defined that design from different glasses as ideal. They were especially impressed by the type-special, single-toned intensity of the peach-smell which Riesling wines of the late vintages show in that glass.

The high extract-values and alcohol (13 per cent and more) perfectly embed the typical, powerful acid into the fruit. The egg-shaped design shows the acid that way that race and mineral spice stays within. The wine looses the width and power (lots of alcohol) and wins elegance with it. The complexity of the Riesling appeals harmonically on the palate.

Recommended for: Alsace Grand Cru, Jurancon sec, Gewürztraminer, Grüner Veltliner, Riesling (late vintage), Sémillon, Emerald (late vintage dry), Vouvray

Article number: 4400/15
Height: 226 mm
content: 380 ccm

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