Riedel Glasses 'Sommeliers' Rheingau  20.6 cm

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Manufacturer: Riedel
Article ID: 4400/01
Notes: 20.6 cm
Capacity: 210 ccm
Height: 20,6 cm
Quality: 1st Choice
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Product description of Riedel Glasses 'Sommeliers' Rheingau  20.6 cm

Because of their character the white wines of the northern growing territories (Mosel, Rhine-Gau, Franconia, Weinviertel) are getting stressed in a perfect way in this glass-shape.

"Resche" (light - dry) wines with a lot of acid and a delicate fruit can unfold in an outstanding way in this aesthetic design with "acid-amplifier" (the lip of the rim). By a reflex which is controlled by the subconscious this glass-design drives the tongue-tip to lift so that the wine gets contact with the tongue first - guided as a fine jet.

The gustatory papillae which react with sweetness are concentrated at the tongue-tip so that the fruit of the wine gets stressed perfectly that way. Furthermore the tongue-tip is temperature-sensitive and highly sensitive for the touch.

The taste-impression therefore is strongly influenced by the function of the glass. Young white wines are being served cold and have fine carbonic acid fermentation residues which appear slightly sparkling on the tongue.

The extended acid is being packed into the taste-experience and is therefore felt as being typically and pleasant. The end of the tongue which tastes sour has no contact with this wine due to the tight floating out of this design. The wine gets to the end of the tongue quickly where pleasant bitter-almond-notes round up the pleasure in the finish and extend it.

Recommended for: Grüner Veltliner, Orvieto Classico, Pinot (blanc, Grigio, Gris), Riesling (Kabinett), Roter Veltliner, Ruländer, Scheurebe, Sylvaner, Vernaccia, Welschriesling.

article number: 4400/30
Height: 206 mm
Content: 210 ccm

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