Limitierte Porzellantreff Sammleredition Porzellantreff Coffee to go Mug, 380 ml

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Notes: 380 ml
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Product description of Limitierte Porzellantreff Sammleredition Porzellantreff Coffee to go Mug, 380 ml

This gorgeous mug for collecting by Porzellantreff is called „Coffee-to-go“-Mug. On the Porzellantreff mug for collecting you can find the picture of our adorable Porzellantreff mascot "Porzell".
With Newsletters Porzell keeps you posted on all our latest collections, special offers and many more what our online shop is happy to offer to our dear customers. Moreover, it is a model for the popular children's tableware collection by Arzberg - "Porzell and his friends". Its leisure time Porzell devotes to the hobbies: relaxing, chilling and enjoying life.

The mug is a perfect new item for your collection or a great gift idea. It is manufactured by Könitz. The porcelain is rather thick and, thus, the mugs are unlikely to get damaged in transit. In addition, thanks to its thick walls it stays cool relatively longer, what is an advantage since it does not have any handle.
The volume of the mug makes approximately 0.25 l. Yet, if you are not going to use it as "to go", then you can fit it even with 0.38 l (up to the rim of the cup) of your aromatic hot coffee or tea.
Without its cover the mug is about 11 cm high. The diameter at the upper and the bottom rims of the cup comprises approximately 9 cm and 6 cm correspondingly.
The cover is made of high-quality, durable and flexible PVC. Owing to its flexibility the cover is also unlikely to get broken. This set of the mug and the cover is suitable for both cold and hot beverages.
The "Coffee-to-go" mug is not light, it weighs about 280 g. But its versatility offsets this disadvantage. You can use this coffee mug as a snack cup or as a pen holder - in this way you have instead of a cup of coffee or tea a nice figure at your workplace.

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Gute Qualität
Der Coffee to go Becher ist sehr stabil, passt gut in die Halterung des Autos und der Kaffee hält lange die Temperatur bei.

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