Königlich Tettau Ruby Cream Porcelain

Timelessly elegant comes the porcelain from Königlich Tettau Ruby Cream along. The simple form of the tableware items appears especially noble by its slightly curving surface and fine relief on the edge. On top of that, the cups have an exceptionally beautiful handle.

You will receive the crockery from Königlich Tettau Ruby Cream in many different parts. This includes besides cups also plates, pots, bowls and platters. The individual parts can be used for many different meals.

The series Ruby Cream of Königlich Tettau will be delivered in the quality oven sorted that is why a few small blemishes can occur.

Please note: The manufacturer Seltmann Weiden will continue the producing of this collection from 2017.

Enjoy with Königlich Tettau Ruby Cream like the Royals

Make breakfast, lunch or dinner to the special highlight of the day. The crockery provides with its beautiful shape a visually attractive presentation of the meals. Fresh salads, fine soups, pasta, fish and meat dishes can be served with Königlich Tettau Ruby Cream on plates of different size or depth. For dessert, you can serve sweet little things such as pudding in the matching dessert bowls. A fine mocha served in matching mocha cups completes the meal.

The crockery of Königlich Tettau Ruby Cream can be used in many ways

The various tableware items can be used at every meal. For breakfast, you will not use only the cups and plates, because Ruby Cream offers also matching egg cups and cereal bowls. For coffee and tea incudes Königlich Tettau Ruby Cream beautiful coffee and teapots. Place the teapot on the provided warmer. Lunch can be served on plates in different sizes. Platters and bowls ensure for adequate supply at the table. For the evening menu can be used several plates. According to the respective course, you can serve the meals on a small or large plate.

Arrange Königlich Tettau Ruby Cream again and again

The fine color of Königlich Tettau Ruby Cream fits perfectly with other colors. Take therefore beautiful table linen in white, yellow, blue or other colors. Napkins in the same color or in white respectively beige matches perfectly to Ruby Cream. Place the napkins with matching napkin rings and beautiful glasses will look amazing too. Königlich Tettau Ruby Cream also provides a candlestick and a vase. With a beautiful silver cutlery, you complete the elegant table setting.