Königlich Tettau Agate Diamond - Paisley Mystic

The new series Agate Diamond - Paisley Mystic made by Königlich Tettau proves how changeable the material porcelain is. The twisted porcelain pieces are simple and timeless beautiful. Bright ornaments harmonize perfectly with the cream base and emphasize the purity and grace of the porcelain.

At a firing temperature of 1400 ° C was created a porcelain world innovation. Königlich Tettau created with this series, the first porcelain with a pearl-like appearance and high transparency. Normally, the color palette is rather limited in hard porcelain, but Königlich Tettau has managed to set a new standard here. This sturdy porcelain has the highest edge impact resistance, high scratch resistance and is also dishwasher safe. A special crockery, which is quite suitable for everyday use or to make your table a real eye-catcher on any festive occasion. Or give yourself a break with a cup of coffee or tea.

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Paisley Pattern

The paisley pattern is an abstract, decorative pattern that is in its basic form a leaf with a pointed, curved end. The name of this world famous pattern was given by the Scottish town of Paisley, which was an important textile processing center in the 19th century. Originally, this pattern is due to a floral motif from the Persian Sassanid Empire and was then brought to India by the Great Mughals. By Soldiers the pattern passed back to Britain, where Queen Victoria took a great liking to the embroidered towels and thus created a fashion trend.

Traditionally the pattern is done in shades of red, but over time there are paisley pattern in all sorts of colors. A great comeback experienced the pattern in the time of the hippie movement. Nowadays, the pattern is also often used by renowned designers.

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