Eisch Glasses 'Decanter Carafes No Drop' Decanter Carafe 'Fashion' 1.50 L / 247 mm

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Manufacturer: Eisch
Article ID: 30171815
Notes: 1.50 L / 247 mm
Capacity: 1,50 l
Height: 247 mm
Quality: 1st Choice

Product description of Eisch Glasses 'Decanter Carafes No Drop' Decanter Carafe 'Fashion' 1.50 L / 247 mm

Especially young red wines need the contact with fresh air to develop their optimal Bouquet. For this reason it's usual to open wines several hours before drinking them and to let them breath in a decanting carafe. After filling of a normal 0.75 L wine bottle the carafe is only filled the half. Here the contact area between wine and the Oxygen of the air is the maximum. So it's the best precondition for the development of the bouquet.

They put the focus on an unusual design with the decanter carafes of the Fashion-series. Whether the socket made of beech woof or the platinum plated rim of the carafe or the carafe which can be rolled on the table. Each part has its very own individual design feature.

No Drop Effect avoids the development of drops at the rim of the glass even in the pouring process and as a result also the running drops on the outside of the carafe. So the carafe and your table cloth stay stain-free.

Der Delivered in a present box.

Decanter Top 60 mm / Diameter 90 mm

Eisch Glasses 'Decanter Accessories'

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