Bowls & Dishes in different sizes, shapes and colors

Bowls & Dishes

Bowls look in the preparation and serving of big and small meals, as well as desserts, back on a thousand year-old history. As an important part of any kitchen bowls are an indispensable part of any household. Bowls are both practical and decorative. Choose your favorite from our cheap range. With many different designs, shapes and colors, you will find perfect the bowl.

Complete your bowl with matching glasses, porcelain or cutlery!

Storage trays Storage trays A functional and decorative possibility to place small items we offer you our Storage trays. Browse ... Antipasti bowls Antipasti bowls Antipasti are known as an appetizer from the Italian cuisine. No matter what you prefer air-dried cold ... Casserole bowls Casserole bowls Whether sweet or salty, often with cheese, casseroles are popular dishes - and not only among children. Baguette bowls Baguette bowls Long and crunchy baguette from France literally means "stick". For true lovers and connoisseurs we ... Garnish bowls Garnish bowls If small salads or other vegetables should be served for the main course, you need garnish bowls . Punch bowls Punch bowls The punch is a historic beverage for which are nowadays countless recipes available. So that your punch ... Dessert bowls Dessert bowls Kids as well as adults would like to have some dessert after the main course. No matter if you want ... Dip bowls Dip bowls Every dish can be served together with different sauces and dips. Whether homemade or from the can ... Pastry bowls Pastry bowls Our Pastry bowls gives you the chance to present your pastries in a stylish way and that all year round ... Gourmet bowls Gourmet bowls A gourmet is also known as a connoisseur, an expert of fine food and beverages. Are you a gourmet or ... Compote bowls Compote bowls Those who love cooked or canned fruits as a dessert would definitely need our compote bowls. Thanks ... Bowls for sweets Bowls for sweets Would you like to present sweets for your guests in the most appealing way? Then bowls for sweets are ... Mugs for coffee with milk Mugs for coffee with milk Are you are a big coffee lover? Take your time and explore our full line of mugs and pots for coffee ... Cereal bowls Cereal bowls A healthy cereal is an essential part of a balanced breakfast. Have a perfect start of your day and ... Fruit bowls Fruit bowls In this catalog you can find decorative and practical fruit bowls made of porcelain or stoneware for ... Pasta cups / Small bowls Pasta cups / Small bowls For each pasta lover are Pasta cups a must have. Our Pasta cups will provoke discussion among your guests. Pasta bowls Pasta bowls Whether you would like to serve linguine or spaghetti, a suitable pasta bowl will definitely help you ... Salad bowls Salad bowls Salads belong to cold dishes and are served as starters, main dish or side dish. A wide range of cookery ... Sauceboats bowls Sauceboats bowls A clever alternative to traditional gravy boats are Sauceboats bowls. Not only visually but also functionally ... Sets of bowls Sets of bowls You are looking for a suitable Set of bowls to your tableware? Then you are in the right place! Browse ... Serving bowls Serving bowls Shapely and decorative are the Serving bowls from our offer. Whether you want to serve hot or cold ... Snack bowls Snack bowls Not just for the small appetite, but also to serve food in a stylish way, are our cheap Snack bowls ... Soup trays Soup trays Not only for real soup lovers are our Soup trays essential. Serve your family and guests the soup in ... Soup bowls Soup bowls In the 18th Century soup bowls were added to tableware. Nowadays, soup bowls can be found in every ... Tea bowls Tea bowls The Tea bowl is traditionally attributed to the Asian region. There is the tea ceremony tightly integrated ... Sugar bowls Sugar bowls In every well-stocked household belongs a Sugar bowl. Whether for coffee or tea Sugar bowls are inevitable.