Arzberg Tric Sun Porcelain

The series Tric made by Arzberg delights since 1997 people all over the world with their variety of colors and shapes. Straightforward, perfect in form and multifunctional are the characteristics that convince every household. A simple and practical design makes the collection so popular. The designer Michael Sieger has won several design awards for this series. The focus of the collection are functionality and color, true to the motto: "Form follows function".

With Sun joins a powerful and friendly shade of yellow the color palette of the Tric collection. Arzberg Tric Sun porcelain shines in a rich yellow. On the bright white of the porcelain comes the color to its best advantage. In addition, the sunny yellow tableware can be perfectly combined with the other decors in the series Tric. Start the day with a great mood with Arzberg Tric Sun.

Arzberg Tric Sun Porcelain - of the colorful and practical all-rounder

The extensive series Arzberg Tric Sun is made of high quality hard porcelain. This porcelain has a specific surface hardness and is fired at temperatures up to 1460 ° C. Besides various mugs with handle, cups and plates includes the collection storage boxes in several sizes. Individual articles are partly made of plastic, which creates a trendy material mix. The bowls and cans have a patented plastic lid that closes the dishes aroma-tight. Keep your food fresh with them in the fridge.

Arzberg Tric Sun is dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe. This makes your everyday a little bit easier. For certain products invented the designer something special, because they fulfill several functions. For example can the egg cup be used to eat a freshly boiled egg on the breakfast table or as a napkin ring. Similarly, the sugar bowl is multifunctional. Converted as jam pot, you can also store your confiture.

Combine your yellow Arzberg Tric Sun porcelain with the other decors of the Tric series. Other colors can be found here in our online store.