Arzberg Tric Porcelain in different colors to combine

Arzberg Tric Porcelain

Since 1997 delights the Arzberg Tric Porcelain series with its variety of color and shapes. The designer Michael Sieger, born in 1963, won several design awards for this series. Straightforward, perfect in form and multifunctional are the characteristics that convince every household. Arzberg Tric porcelain is the lifestyle program of today – strong colors and confidently stylish! In addition, the multifunctional material mix of porcelain and plastic makes the series Tric innovative. The patented plastic lid for the porcelain bowls ensures always fresh food. Furthermore are the individual colors from the Tric series combinable in any way. So it is never boring on your table!

Complete your Arzberg Tric porcelain with matching cutlery, glasses or table linen!

Arzberg Tric White Arzberg Tric White Arzberg Tric White offers a complete service in elegantly simple design and a special feature. Cle ... Arzberg Tric Plastic Items Transparent Arzberg Tric Plastic Items Transparent For serving food and drinks, there is nothing better than glass and porcelain. The Arzberg collect ... Arzberg Tric Amarena Cherry Arzberg Tric Amarena Cherry Amarena - bright cherry red colour - extends the colourful palette of the Arzberg Tric Collection ... Arzberg Tric Blue Arzberg Tric Blue The well-known manufacturer Arzberg in Upper Franconia is located directly at the Czech border. An ... Arzberg Tric Cool Porcelain Arzberg Tric Cool Porcelain Since 1997 the Arzberg Tric Cool series fascinates with its variety of shapes. The designer Michae ... Arzberg Tric Fancy Blue Arzberg Tric Fancy Blue A unique blue tone is characterizing for the new decor Fancy Blue on the popular Arzberg Tric collection. Arzberg Tric Fresh Porcelain Arzberg Tric Fresh Porcelain The porcelain series Arzberg Tric Fresh Porcelain impresses with its unique color and shapes since ... Arzberg Tric Frosty Mint Arzberg Tric Frosty Mint The successful Arzberg Tric collection gets a new colourful decor with Frosty Mint collection. Frosty ... Arzberg Tric Yellow Arzberg Tric Yellow The Arzberg porcelain stands for simple, unfussy design. Clear forms and functionality characteriz ... Arzberg Tric Green Arzberg Tric Green Enjoy the freshness of these high-quality dishes. The porcelain series Arzberg Tric green primaril ... Arzberg Tric Hot porcelain Arzberg Tric Hot porcelain Arz Tric Hot porcelain - where pure white is combined with intense red, creating a fresh and intri ... Arzberg Tric Ocean Porcelain Arzberg Tric Ocean Porcelain (1) Breakfast or brunch - afternoon coffee or barbecue in the garden - the Arzberg Tric Ocean porcelai ... Arzberg Tric Soft Rose Arzberg Tric Soft Rose Arzberg  uses a warm, bright shade of rose  -  Soft Rose as a pattern in the TRIC c ... Arzberg Tric Tropic Porcelain Arzberg Tric Tropic Porcelain Stock up new. Delight yourself and your guests with the refreshing Arzberg Tric Tropic Porcelain. Arzberg Tric Vivid Bloom Arzberg Tric Vivid Bloom Colourful flowers, graphical pattern and accentuated lines adorn the decor Vivid Bloom by Arzberg  ...

Arzberg - a story of success

Since 1877 writes the German porcelain manufacturer Arzberg history and tells with its products a unique story of success. Arzberg "Made in Germany" started in 1887, when German porcelain products became more and more competition for the English products. The UK decided that all German brands must bear the stamp "Made in Germany" to prevent the people from buying these products. But the opposite happened. Quickly developed this stamp into an important seal of quality.

Tric the colorful all-rounder

Serving, storing, heating and much more. From now on, you need no longer many different cases with one function for these things. You have everything you need in the kitchen utensils with the series Tric by Arzberg. From coffee to dining services, from the butter dish to the pitcher. Especially the bowls with their matching plastic lids are the highlight. In them, you cannot only serve your food, but also store in the fridge, if you have leftovers. The next day you can warm your food in the microwave directly in the bowl. With the products by Arzberg Tric you get everything done without much effort.