Arzberg Tric Office Porcelain

In 1997, the designer Michael Sieger created the porcelain series Arzberg Tric Office. This unfussy and perfectly shaped porcelain has won several design awards and convinces with its multi-functionality. Then as now, thrills the Arzberg crockery with its variety of colors and shapes. The design of the Office series is rich in contrast with the simple colors black and white.

From simple coffee cups to a gourmet bowl offers Tric Office everything your heart desires. Arzberg Tric Office Porcelain is strong in colors and unerringly. In short: The lifestyle series of today! Assemble your Arzberg crockery easy and simple with our convenient service configurator. Matching glasses, cutlery or table linen can also be found in our online shop.

Arzberg Tric Office Porcelain for every occasion

Tric Office crockery enriches every table. The noble black forms an upscale contrast to the pure white of the porcelain. In addition, the linear forms of this series fits perfectly with your existing interior design style. For each meal provides Arzberg matching items that complement each other wonderfully.

The wide range of Tric Office plates helps you to put your meal in the limelight. The deep black plate rims have a strong expression and emphasize the contours of the crockery. This design runs consistently from the smallest bread plate to the largest gourmet plate. Equally diverse is the variety of the different Arzberg Tric Office bowls and dishes.

Mainly outside black and white on the inside are mall versions also available in reverse colors. The plastic handle makes the overall picture alive and emphases the porcelain. In addition sets the generous Tric Office platters any food into the proper light, without being obtrusive.

Trifles enrich life, so the Arzberg Tric Office Porcelain too. The shapely salt and pepper shakers will bring a little spice to your table. At the suitable sugar shaker or the appropriate sugar bowl has Arzberg also been thought of. Presented on the noble cruet for sugar and milk becomes every meal an experience.