Arzberg Tric Caribic Porcelain

Turquoise is trump in the Arzberg Tric Caribic Porcelain series of the manufacturer from Upper Franconia. Caribbean Sea attracts with turquoise water, Arzberg Tric Caribic Porcelain with high quality crockery. The renowned, award-winning, German designer Michael Siegert designed this series.
The product range of Arzberg Tric Caribic Porcelain includes elegant place settings for the breakfast and dinner table. Elegant-simple shapes and the contrast between pure white and subtle turquoise define the design. If you receive guests, give them an exclusive welcome. Serve your favorite foods on or in Arzberg Tric Caribic Porcelain. Your guests will be thrilled. The porcelain is by the way dishwasher safe and suitable for the microwave.
We assemble your desired coffee, table or tea service for you according to your wishes.

High quality porcelain for all occasions

We offer many opportunities for our discerning customers with the series Arzberg Tric Caribic Porcelain. You shine on various occasions with high quality and everyday use tableware. Color, shape and quality are the focus. That makes eating and drinking a lot of fun. The appetite increases and the pleasures of delicious food come together with visual enjoyment. Enjoy for example delicious fruits from round porcelain bowls, which are available in several sizes. The variety of Arzberg Tric Caribic Porcelain knows no limits.

Wide selection of shapes and sizes

Dishes in contrast of turquoise and white by Arzberg are available in different sizes. Discover the different items from the extensive range. It is your choice whether you need fine porcelain tableware for four, six or twelve people. You can select which sizes you need, determine the composition of your service. We always deliver the best quality, so first choice. If you are pleased and convinced of the Arzberg Tric Caribic Porcelain, explore the other colors from the of Arzberg Tric series. Combine them with your existing crockery and feel free in designing your dinner table.